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Monday, September 21, 2020
  • Professional Software Services

    Professional Software Services

    With our expert engineers, we can provide you all kinds of technical software
  • Macro, plugin, VBA, VSTO, .NET software

    Macro, plugin, VBA, VSTO, .NET software

    Writing plugins and adons for Revit, AutoCAD, Inventor, Excel, SolidWorks, Word, Access and making them fully custom for your specific jobs.
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We are at your service with our professional staff in the installation of mechanical installation projects, in exploration, comparative exploration preparation and in our own developed, tested and tried for many years and even by TOKİ preferred software. If the same quantity is made by the same person, there will be different quantities, a small error compensation can lead to impossible results, so we should not risk this work. This is not the case with our programs, human factor error rates are minimized.

What is our difference?

These jobs are often carried out with low experienced staff to reduce costs in the market. This may cause irreparable errors in the future. Projects 3, 5, 10 years experienced engineers, it is impossible to see the same way, engineering experience means. An overlooked device can result in costly losses of 1000 l of work. For this reason, we work with the engineers who are at least 15 years old and have technical university degree who have worked in the biggest projects of our country and who have worked in the biggest projects of our country and who can use our programs at a high level level. This gives you the convenience of doing business without worrying about your relaxation. Quoting is a very important work. Many companies are sinking because of the wrong quantities. Therefore, quality should not be compromised. The future and reputation of your company should not be delivered to unqualified hands.

You can contact us for all installation such as fire, heating, cooling, ventilation, sanitary installation, natural gas, cabling, RFID, CCTV,... . Our service is currently only for MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) installation, and we will soon provide services in the field of architectural.